Our client for this gutter guard project moved into a new home with several trees around the house and gutters full of leaves. The homeowner was advised by her building inspector to have gutter guards installed. The homeowner found UltraFlow Home Solutions on Facebook and after reading several excellent reviews called to request service for her gutter guard installation.

UltraFlow Home Solutions’ fully trained and licensed gutter guard installer cleaned all the leaf litter and debris from the home’s gutters and ensured the downpipes were flowing freely and there were no obstructions.

The installer then proceeded to install the 72.5m of woodland grey expanded aluminum gutter guard by first fastening it to the gutter line with a right angle trim and screws, which were colour matched to the customer’s gutters. The gutter guard, which is colour matched to suit the roof tiles, was then folded up and under the second row of tiles creating a ski slope effect for leaves and debris to slide or blow effortlessly off of the roof.

The homeowner now has clean, free flowing gutters and downpipes meaning no risky gutter cleaning and no threat of potential flooding in the home’s roof space due to leaf build up and blockages.

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Glen from UltraFlow Home Solutions was very informative during my consultation and spent time explaining to me the benefits of gutter guards. He was very professional and friendly. I was very happy with the outcome of this project and the quality of the work done.

~ Philomena Bangham, Croydon, Victoria